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Haywood Choral Society

Haywood Choral Society (formerly the Haywood Community Chorus) has a long and proud history of presenting classical and contemporary music to local audiences. Membership in the chorus is open to the Haywood Community at large, ages high school and older. Anyone with serious interest in choral music is welcome to join the chorus. Some of the music selections can be challenging; therefore, the ability to read music is helpful, though not mandatory. The chorus performs two concerts a year, but members sign on for one season and renew their membership each subsequent season. A Christmas concert is scheduled for the first Sunday in December with rehearsals beginning in early September; a spring concert is scheduled for the first Sunday in May with rehearsals beginning in early February. Occasional concerts in the community may be performed during the year, but participation is strictly on a voluntary basis.
December 1 2019 Holiday Concert


Rehearsals are held every Monday night during the season from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at the First United Methodist Church of Waynesville, NC. Rehearsal notes are emailed to members early each week.

Dress Rehearsal

The mandatory Dress Rehearsal is held the Saturday before a scheduled Sunday concert performance. Dress for the concert is all black – long pants/skirts and long-sleeved shirts, and black shoes.


Attendance is vital to learning musical selections, becoming acquainted with the director’s expectations, and learning to blend with a large group of voices. No more than 3 rehearsals may be missed in a season without prior approval from the director. Members are expected to study and rehearse their music between Monday night rehearsals and are asked to warm up prior to rehearsal. All rehearsals begin promptly at the scheduled time.

Membership Information

Singing together is a wonderful experience of community.

Joining together with fellow music lovers, learning new music, singing familiar pieces, and making friends

are what choral music and

Haywood Choral Society is all about.

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Current membership fees are

$40.00 per season.

Scholarships are available

upon application.   

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